Here’ s a few questions?

  • Are you studying or qualified in the area of Disability Services & Supports?

  • Are you a keen learner, interested in supporting people to live as independently as possible in their home and ensuring that people participate in their own lives?

  • Would you and your peers describe you as enthusiastic, motivated, proactive and positive?

  • Do you enjoy working in a small supportive team with the opportunity to work alongside others as well as independently?

  • Are you able to commit to regular roster requirements across activities, weekdays and weekends, including team and organizational meetings and training opportunities?

  • Are you able to do at least one overnight sleep over as per roster requirement, where you support three people in their own home?

If you have answered yes to the above, you may be the type of person we are looking for.

We are looking for people who want to support people to:

·       Live as independently as possible in their own homes

·       Participate in all aspects of their own lives

·       Actively engage with others

·      Maintain a holistic and healthy way of life

If you are keen to chat further about this amazing opportunity, please contact us via our website: and one of our team members will respond to you.

All applicants will be asked to address the above questions and demonstrate to us how you fit the organizations requirements, tell us about yourself and your history to help us get to know you.

 A little bit about the team at Better2gether;

I am very proud to say we that we have a team of people in the organization who are flexible and dedicated to the outcomes of the people who pay for our Services.

Our staff are responsive, informed, dedicated and committed to ensuring that the people we support are provided with the best support that we can deliver and that they remain as actively engaged in their own lives as possible from the staff on the ground to members of the leadership team.

It goes without saying that the people we provide support to are our main priority and we are always striving to do things better so people can work towards their goals.

We provide several different services at better2gether with the main focus of this role being to support people to live as independently as possible in their own home.

Staff are there to support people to engage in all of life tasks, and actively provide support in areas that people struggle to complete themselves. You wouldn’t be surprised to know that most of these tasks are things we do in our own life and around our own house including:

  • Maintaining living environments i.e. supporting with cleaning, cooking, garden maintenance, getting ready for our work commitments

  • Mentoring people to engage with shared living – we all know it can be hard living with others

  • Motivating people to choose activities, food, tasks to complete. Providing choice to people

  • Ensuring we are all safe in all aspects of our lives

Staff are also responsible for ensuring regulatory tasks are met including documentation, reporting, reviewing and updating information, supporting people manage their money and keeping everyone safe.

We currently have opportunities for Permanent Part time positions of 30 – 60 hours per fortnight with the opportunity for additional hours as part of flexible support to work up to 76 hours per fortnight.

As well as casual positions

Further information and a position description for these positions are available to applicants.

We look forward to you getting in touch!