Everyone who participates in activities and supports at Better2gether will be part of the development and review of these rules (how we behave). 

All Better2gether participants, family members, and staff areexpected to follow these rules:

  • We speak to people with respect. Bullying, fighting and arguing will not be tolerated. 
  • We are tolerant of people's differences to our own
  • We value ourselves and others.
  • Everyone is expected to behave properly in public (no arguing, fighting or poor behaviour).
  • We have a sun smart policy.  This means everyone is encouraged to wear hats and apply sunscreen when they are outside. The participant will have their own sunblock.
  • Smoking is not allowed around other participants and in cars.
  • All staff will have First Aid Level 1.
  • Everyone involved in Better2gether must be treated with fairness, equality, and respect no matter what their circumstances.  Everyone is equal.
  • Any entry or purchases of food and drinks will be at the participant's own cost unless we have these costs outlined in the plan for particular activities.

Better2gether will provide opportunities for participants to achieve as many of your personal goals as possible.
There are many ways in which we do this.

This includes:

  • Planning with you identifying what steps are needed to assist you to achieve your goals.
  • Helping to train you in the skills you need to enjoy and get the most out of your activities we provide.
  • Making sure that you get the support and training you need to be an active member of the Better2gether team.
  • Making sure that you know about, and understand, your rights and your responsibilities when taking part in the activities of choice.
  • Help you develop your Person Centered Plan if you would like us to.