Policies and Procedures

Below is a list of the policies and procedures that you are more than welcome to have a copy of.

You can request a copy by contacting us here and we will send it to you.

Vision Statement

Organisational Structure

Section 1 – Business

Quality Assurance Framework

Quality Management Framework flow chart process

Quality Management Policy  

Attendance Register

ATIC policy (working with Aboriginal and Torre strait islander peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Acknowledgment

Back pack contents and process

Blood Spills – Process – Flow chart

Carer Recognition Statement and Guideline

CALD policy

Client files – Policy

Code of Conduct (Staff) 2018

Complaints Management Information Sheet Process

Complaints process – Flow Chart

Complaints and Compliment Forms

Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedure

Critical Incident Management (CIM) system – Incident reporting – Policy and Procedure

CIM’s - Critical Incident Types 2018– Staff Information

CIM’s Reporting Procedure – Flow Chart 1

CIM’s Reporting Procedure – Flow Chart 2

CIM’s – Identifying Major/Non Major Impact 2018

Consent for Planning

Daily Medication Recording

Decision Making and Choice – Dignity of Risk

Disputes and Grievances

Emergency Management Policy

Safeguarding Missing participant

Epilepsy Management Process

Embracing Diversity Statement

Equity and Anti-discrimination Procedure

Work place Harassment Procedure

Evacuation Process Overview – Process – Flow chart

Emergency Evacuation Drill Process – Flow chart

Equipment and Property Damage

Extreme Heat Process – Flow chart

Extreme Heat – Heat Health Plan template

Evacuation Pack Check List

Fire and Evacuation Record

Fire Alert Record (Client proforma)

Health and Wellbeing Policy

Individual need – Process

Individual Goals and Relationships (form)

Internal Incident Reporting (non CIM’s) - Flow chart 3

Internal Incident Report Form (can be found here)

Information Sharing Guidelines (ISG)

Infection Control

Maintenance Process – Flow chart

Management of Abuse and Neglect Process

Medication Process – Flow Chart

Medication : Supporting Medication Administration - Policy

Occupational Assault

Petty Cash Process

Personal Belongings Register

Personal Presentation – Staff

Privacy and Confidentiality Process

Risk Management Procedure

Risk Assessment and Control Form

Service Access – Policy and Process

Service Fees – Process

Service Provision – Shared Learning Process

Transport Fees – Process – Flow chart

Treatment Sheet

Weekly Fire checklist Process – Flow chart

Weekly Fire Preparedness Checklist – process

Work Place Health and Safety (WHS) Process